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Parle Magazine 4th Annual Who's Next Issue set to feature Kevin Byrd Star of "Release" A One Man Show

Harlem,NY - Parle Magazine 4th Annual Who's Next Issue set to feature Kevin Byrd Star of "Release"
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Jul 18, 2007 03:34:49

(PRLog.Org) – Harlem, New York - Parle Magazine 4th Annual Who's Next Issue set to feature Kevin Byrd Star of "Release" A One Man Show. Parle Magazine 4th Annual Who's Next Issue which features Kevin Byrd as Cover Story will be available at the Harlem Book Fair on July 21, 07. Parle Magazine Cover story highlighting Kevin Byrd is titled "Just One RELEASE from Stardom.

In addittion, Brown Byrd Productions presents "Release" A One Man Show Starring Kevin Byrd and hosted by BET Comic View's Ardie Fuqua on Wednesday, July 25, 2007 at "The Players Theatre" located at 115 MacDougal Street, New York, NY 10012. Doors open at 7:00 pm and Showtime begins at 7:30 pm.

For many young men, family, friends and self identity issues arise as early as junior high school. Even though some people do not identify with these problems, if you think you don’t know someone displaying one of the following six dilemmas...think again. Witness it's the lives of 6 some personalities... and the lives of 6 men in the age ranges of 18-60 years old from different walks of life in a one man, one night only. Show is produced by Marc Meir and Kevin Byrd written by:Kevin Byrd and Jason Hendricks– Released.

This show is designed to give young men a look into the lives of five young men like Tony – a teenage boy who suffers from identity issues due to not knowing his father. Tommy, another featured character, is a extremely successful college graduate that deals with problems of pleasing his mother. These and the other stories contribute to the though process, education and understanding of all young men.

About Kevin Byrd:

Web Site:

Skills: Actor, Model, Singer, Dancer, Producer, Writer

"Release" is a show that highlights the emotions and the struggles that men encounter on different angles, revealing a deep sense of exploration.

“Release” is backed up by a five piece band.

Kevin Byrd starred as Lt. John R. Fox in an award nominated tv
special called "Honor Deferred" that premiered on the
History Channel an award nominated TV Documentary. Honor Deferred was produced by Al Roker and Samuel L. Jackson.

Kevin Byrd Wrote, produced, and starred in the award winning film "The "Last Dayz" Featured in, King Magazine, and the Daily News. Also Starred as Cameron Johnson/Cover Model in Best Selling Novel "Things in Between" by Nathaniel Portis.


NAMIC: Vision Award Nomination: "Honor Deferred"

Paperback: Best Selling Novel: "Things in Between"

Proclamation Award: "The Last Dayz"

Freddie Award: "Nicole's Choice"

Cinema Golden Eagle Award: "Nicole's Choice"

"Kevin Byrd gives a solid and strong Performance"
Caribbean Life Publications

"Byrd's One man show "Release" is a hit"

Parle Magazine

"Kevin is a revolutionary entertainer"

King Magazine

For tickets call 212.352.3101 or log on to

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